Our office can prepare a complete file for your building license and take on all, or part of the necessary work and preparation of blueprints. We can supervise and construct buildings anywhere in the country.

Our office also offers consultancy on engineering and architectural matters to individual clients.

Our office can take on the preparation of the blueprints of buildings in the following fields:



Architectural solutions for the creation of modem, functional buildings designed in such a way so as to suit your needs.

  • Static analysis

Preparation of the static analysis of new buildings according to the latest earthquake regulations for buildings with fortified concrete. Check-ups on existing buildings according to older and new regulations estimates of any necessary fortification in cases of horizontal and vertical extensions and supervision of the work done.
Our office also offers consultancy to various construction companies as well as to new engineers.

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Topographic Blueprints

We prepare a wide range of mechanical and electrical engineering topographic & blueprints.

  • Tax matters and engineer fees

Our office can estimate the tax to pay as well as the fees for engineers for any study or supervision.

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