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My name is Michael Tsaloglou, I have a degree in Civil Engineering and I run an office in Volos of Magnesia, in the street Analipseos 44. My office can take on the design, the preparation of blueprints as well as the supervision of works at privately – owned buildings, whether these are new buildings, extensions, legalization of existing buildings or conversions, as well as topographic plans and other works related to my profession.

My main concern is the construction of high – quality buildings, with modern architectural design, which comply with the strict earthquake – protection regulations of our country. I am also keen on ideally combining esthetics and functionality, meeting the needs of the modern family and the right usage of space, always in compliance with the laws and with respect for the environment.

I also take on projects for the construction of privately – owned buildings which combine modern design, esthetics, functionality quality building materials, the use of modern technology, the perfect finishing touches and the eventual delivery of the building to the client, without any additional cost. The above points comprise my philosophy. I would like to add that I prefer to limit my profit in order to safequard my reputation and credibility.

The esthetic approach to each construction aims at the total immersion of the building in the natural as well as the cultural environment of every area. The main emphasis is on the traditional architecture in area where that is required and on a modern design in urban areas.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to a future co-operation which I am convinced will be excellent. 



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